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Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum 30X 20g For Delayed Dentition, walking, Heals fracture, Joint pains, Weakness

Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum 30X 20g For Delayed Dentition, walking, Heals fracture, Joint pains, Weakness
Brand Dr. Reckeweg
Item Form Tablet
Container Type Glass Bottle
Benifits For Delayed Dentition, walking, Heals fracture, Joint pains, Weakness
key ingridient
Key ingrident phosphate of lime.
Side effect
side effect No Side Effect
Dosage Adult - 4 Tablets 3-4 Times a day, children - Half of the adult dose or as directed by the physician
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  • Quantity: 20g

Common name- calcium phosphate,

Calcarea medicine for baby teething

Made by – phosphate of lime.

Common name- calcium phosphate, CP6x

Spheres of action- main action of this drug is on those tissues of body which have more calcium and phosphorous contents, such as bones, teeth, etc. glands, digestive system, female genital organs also come within the domain of its action.

This medicine is well adapted to the persons who are pale , of dark complexion, dark hair, eyes, thin spare subjects instead of fat, emaciated body, sunken flabby abdomen, soft bones bent disaproprotionately, enlarged head and long weak emaciated neck, unable to support head.

Well suited to chilly patient.

Mind-  bad effects after grief and vexation. Peevish , forgetful, involuntary sighing. Always wants to go somewhere, complaints aggravates when thinking about them. Ailments from – grief, disappointed love, over study, unpleasant news and getting wet.

Headache-  causation : of gastric origin abdominal flatulance, and mental exertion.

Character of headache: headache of schools girls, at about puberty. Head is hot with stinging pain at roots of hair. Aggravation: on change of weather and after eating., amelioration: during rest.

Abdomen – colicky pain in abdomen at every attempt to eat. Abdomen is sunken and flabby. During colic, soreness and burning around navel. Flatulence temporarily relieved after sour eruction.

Stomach- craves smoked and salted meat and salty food, great hunger with thirst.

Diarrhoea-  causation: during 1st and 2nd dentition, after taking juicy fruits.

Character of stool: greenish, slimy , hot, spluttering, undigested with foetid flatus and fishy odour.

Respiratory system- for suffocative cough, relieved when lying down. The patient  may also have involuntary sighing.

Rheumatism- causation: after getting wet in rain. Location: pain in joints and various other parts. Character: stiffness and pain with cold numb feeling. Aggravation : by any change of weather, winter, by motion, and exertion.  Amelioration: during spring, summer, dry warm weather and rest.

Menses- too early, execessively bright flow,  first bright then of dark blood with violent backache and nymphomania.

Leucorrhoea- like white of an egg, aggravates: in the morning.

Baby- calcarea phos. Is specially suited to a Psoric baby, who is highly chilly and having scrofulous diathesis. Mentally the baby is very much peevish and unhappy wants to go home and when at home wants to go out. There is intense craving of salted and smoked meat.

Look pf the baby: baby is tall, scrawny, and emaciated having enlarged gead, open fontanelles and sutures but with sunken and flabby abdomen.

Bone symptoms of baby-  rachitic baby with open fontanelles and sutures which remain open for a time or close and reopen, the baby is unable to stand, is slow in learning to walk, neck is weak and  unable to support the big head, cranial  bones thin and brittle, spine weak and disposed to curvature. The spine is so weak in lumbar region that the child cannot sit upright unless the back is supported.

Dentition: dentition delayed, difficult and complicated.

Stool: the baby usually suffers from spluttering diarhhoea; the character of stool is being greenish, watery, hot, slimy, foetid, contains undigested food particles. Very offensive flatus may also pass along with or independent of stool.




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