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Adel Pekana Rubia Tinctorum 1X Q 20ml

ADEL Rubia Mother Tincture Q

ADEL Rubia Tinctorum Mother Tincture is also known as madder for it is prepared from the roots of the madder plant. It is a homeopathic medication and an excellent remedy for anemia and malnourished cases. The mother tincture is the starting point for Dilutions. It is made from genuine extracts from madder plant. It diminishes many symptoms related to tuberculosis, bone disorder, spleen disorder, etc.

Key Ingredients:
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol
  • Extracts from madder plant

Key Benefits:
  • assist in anemia and problems related to malnourishment
  • efficaciously treats bone and spleen disorders
  • helpful for the cure of tuberculosis
  • assist regulate the menstrual cycle

Instructions for use:
Take 15 drops of Rubia Tinctorum mother tincture in half a cup of normal water twice each day for 3 months, unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. It can be consummed along with allopathic medicines.

Safety Information:
  • Prior to usage, carefully review and read the label.
  • Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Ensure that the product is not accessible to children.
  • Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking this medicine like coffee, camphor, etc.
  • Maintain ½ hour gap between food/drink/any other medicine and homeopathic medicine.

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