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SBL Abies Canadensis 30 CH 30ml

SBL Abies Canadensis 30 CH 30ml
BrandSBL Abies Canadensis 30 CH 30ml
Item FormLiquid
Quantity30 ml
Potency30 CH
BenifitsIt’s main action on- stomach, uterus, heart, lungs. It produces a catarrhal condition of the stomach. Useful for gastric problems such as indigestion and gas
key ingridient
Key ingridentAbies Canadensis
Side effect
side effectNo Side Effects
DosageTake 3-5 drops two to three times a day or as directed by the physician.
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Uses: Indigestion, Gastric troubles, Cravings, Catarrhal conditions, Uterine Problems

Common name- hemlock spruce

Introduction- it is one of the remarkable remedies in the treatment of chronic gastric affections and uterine disorders.

It’s main action on- stomach, uterus, heart, lungs.  It produces a catarrhal condition of the stomach.

Guiding symptoms-

1) Great debility with strong desire to lie down and rest most of the time.

2) Gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium.

3) Great appetite, even tendency to eat far beyond the capacity for digestion.

4) Craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips, coarse food etc. is peculiar.

5) Chilliness is very characteristic especially when associated with peculiar cravings and prostration.

6) A remedy for uterine displacement with sore feeling at the fundus of uterus relieved by pressure.

 Stomach- gastric symptoms are the most prominent symptoms to guide us in our selection of Abies can. There is canine hunger which gnaws in the stomach causing a sort of fainting at the epigastrium. The patient does not know how much he eats and very often there is excessive loading of the stomach which causes distention of stomach and abdomen with severe palpitation of heart.

Female genital organs- uterine prolapses with sore feeling at fundus of the uterus, relieved by pressure. Prostration; wants to lie down all the time. She thinks the womb is soft and feeble.

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