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SBL Abroma Radix 1X Q 30ml

SBL Abroma Radix 1X Q 30ml
BrandSBL Abroma Radix 1X Q 30ml
Item FormLiquid
Quantity30 ml
PotencyMother Tinture
BenifitsUses: delayed menses, pain, Irritability during menses,Helps to start delayed menses
Side effect
side effectNo Side Effects Make sure as directed by the physician.
DosageTake 10 drops in 1/4th cup of water three times a day. We recommend you to take under guidance.
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Common name- devil’s cotton

Introduction- it is very good medicine for all the female problems like in weak uterus, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea, and acts as a uterine tonic. It has a very good effect on anaemia also.

It is one of the best uterine tonic. It supports the uterus, it makes a strong uterus, or healthy uterus.

It has very good action in all types of problems in the uterus.

Dysmenorrhea- it has very good action in dysmenorrhea or in painful menses or irregular menses or painful bleeding. Patient suffers from colic or unbearable pain on the lower abdomen before and during menses.

Menstrual flow- copious, scanty, dark red in colour of bleeding, mixed with clot.

This female is always very irritable or in an angry mood.

Leucorrhoea- there is white discharge and discharges are profuse and watery in nature.

There is lower abdominal pain during leucorrhoea.

Patient has chlorosis means the patient is lean and thin or anaemic with irritable and anger mood

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