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SBL Acid Nitricum 1M 1000 CH 30ml

SBL Acid Nitricum 1M 1000 CH 30ml
Item FormLiquid
Potency1M 1000 CH
BenifitsHighly effective in the treatment of hearing disorders including otorrhoea
key ingridient
Key ingridentAcidum Nitricum
Side effect
side effectNo Side Effects Take under guidance by the doctor or physician
DosageTake 3-5 drops of dilution in half cup of water three times a day or as directed by the physician.
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Common name- aqua fortis



• This acid features a marked affinity of the throat, asshole and mouth; additionally it affects Glands - liver; prostate and secretion.

• It causes Haemorrhages; bright, or bloody water.

• Patients greatly debilitated, trembling, shivery, sensitive, and sore.

• Discharges ACRID, thin, dirty or brown; causes redness or destroys hair.

• Unpleasantness, foot or night sweats.

• Cracking joints.

• Cachexia.

• haemorrhage when surgery.

• Malignancy.

• Phagedena.

• Fistulae.

• Syphilis.

• Sycosis.

• Cancer.

• Stubborn suppuration.

• Bones painfully sore.

• Convulsions, at nighttime and planning to bed, throughout the day frequent lightheadedness, amel. Riding in a carriage.

• Pains as if flesh is torn from the bones.

• Cavity and exostoses of bones.


• Crushing head pains agg. Pressure of hat; from street noise.

• As of a band around head.

• Puffy swelling on scalp.

• Falling of hair, from vertex.


• Warm water flowing over eyes; amel. Cold water, or sense of water running from the eyes.

• Mucous membrane pouts in spots.

• Diplopia.

• Eyelashes; stiff, all purpose towards nose (right).

• Dysfunction of higher lids.

• Fistula lachrymalis.



• Deafness: amel. Noise, in trains, riding in carriage; from enlarged and indurated tonsils; when contagious disease.

• Cracking in ears once masticated.

• One's speech echoes in the ears.

• Cavity of mastoid.

• Cystic tumours on lobes of ears.



• Bleeding; dark, clotted, agg. Weeping.

• Dripping from nose; from contagion.

• Sneezing; frequent, while not coryza; throughout sleep.

• Rhinitis with shortness of breath.

• Red, scurfy tip.

• Cutting pain within the nose; cavity of bones.

• Putrid yellow discharge.

• Ozaena.

• Inexperienced casts from nose each morning.



• Yellow; sickly.

• Peeling of lips.

• Angles of lips raw, cracked or rough.


• Loose teeth.

• Gums; swollen, sore, flabby, bleeding; inner aspect.

•fissured or mapped tongue.

• Tongue, clean, red with centre furrow.

• Sore surface.

• Ulcers in the taste bud, with sharp splinter like pain.

• Salivation; bloody; with inexperienced coating on tongue.

• Stench oris.

• Ranula.

•Bites the tongue and cheek.

• Teeth; yellow, cavity of teeth.

• Teeth are soft and spongy.



• protruding pain as from splinters; into ears; agg. Swallowing.

• Tonsils; red, swollen, with little ulcers on it.

• can't swallow even a tea spoonful; tough swallowing.

• Hawks out mucous secretion from posterior nares.



• probing for fats, salt, uneatable things, chalk, earth etc.

• Hunger, with sweet style.

• Milk disagrees.

• Nausea; amel. Riding in a carriage.

• Dislike meat, sugar, bread.

• Nausea; with eructations; can't take food.



• Stools tear the anus, even soft stools.

• Prolonged pain when stools; walks in agony.

• Anus feels torn; fissures in anus

• Painful, haemorrhage piles.

• Intestinal colic.

• Anus; cutaneous sensation, eczematous or oozes wet.

• Ulcerations when infectious diseases that are badly treated.

• As a dry, hot artefact on.

• Area hernia; of kids.

• Burning in rectum; when excreting.

• Harm from body part when removal of piles.


• Urine; robust as horse's; or offensive; cold once it passes; alternately lush and scanty.

• Excretory products contains ethanedioic acid, acid and phosphates.

• Haematuria; with, unsteady on the spine.

• As of a hot wire in the canal.

• Cramps from excretory organ to bladder.

• Infective nephrosis.

• Stream skinny, as from stricture.

• Red scurfy spots on prepuce or on corona glandis.

• Painless retention or incontinence of excretory products.

• shrunken excretory organ.


• Itching, burning foreskin.

• Chances; phagedenic.

• Oedematous prepuce.

• Phimosis.

• Strictures from VD or Venus's curse



• Voluptuous cutaneous sensation of duct when coitus.

• Bloody water from vagina; or haemorrhages from sweat.

• Menses; irregular; early lush, like muddy water.

• Metrorrhagia; when parturition; when curetting.

• Leucorrhoea; brown; flesh colored, watery or stringy; stains yellow or leaves spots with black border.

• Arduous nodes or atrophy of mammae.

• Pain within the back, buttocks and thighs throughout expelling.



• Cough shattering; from a dry spot in larynx; with handicraft pain in body part region agg. Cold, winter.

• Short breath on going upstairs.

• Cough in sleep while not waking.

• Expectoration; muco-purulent, yellow, bitter, offensive; smeary; attended with sweat.

• Empyema.

• Hemoptysis.

• Cavernous T.B...

• Congestion within the chest with palpitation and concern.

• Cutting in speech organ.

• Panting respiration once reading or round-shouldered.



• Palpitation and anguish on going upstairs.

• Pulse; intermits at fourth beat; irregular.

• Nervous palpitation caused by slightest mental excitement.


• Handicraft pain in the body part back once coughing.

• Stitches in and between scapulae; neck stiff.

• Pain in back at nighttime amel. Lying on abdomen.


• Finger joints swollen.

• Warts on the back of hands.

• Herpes between fingers.

• Putrid foot sweat inflicts soreness of toes.

• White spots on nails.

• Shin is painfully sore.

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