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SBL Acid Oxalicum 200 CH 30ml

SBL Acid Oxalicum 200 CH 30ml
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Common name- sorrel acid, C2H2D42H2O, Oxalic Acid, Acid Ox, Ox Acid,

INTRODUCTION-  Acidum Oxalic may be considered its antithesis: it causes pains excruciating beyond description, and it has this grand keynote distinction, that its pains are all aggravated when the patient thinks of them, and not only that, thinking of pains and conditions will bring them on when they are not actually present.

Clinical – Angina pectoris, aphonia, backache, gastrodynia, headache, lung affection, meningitis, myelitis, neurasthenia, oxaluria, paralysis, urinary complaints, vomiting of pregnancy.

Sphere of action- It acts on digestive tract, genitourinary organs, spinal cord and nervous and left lung.

Pathogenesis- It is both corrosive and true poison. It causes pains excruciating beyond description, corrosion of passages, and destruction of mucus membrane. It influences the spinal cord. And produces motor paralysis, coldness of surface, numbness, mottled skin, blue nails are present in all degrees of its action and are leading notes for its use.

Guiding symptoms-

1) All pains aggravated when thinking of them. Even must urinate and defecate when thinking of it.

2) Left sided remedy having special action over lower lobe of left lung.

3) Sharp lancinating pain through the lower lobe of left lung is the great characteristic of oxalic acid.

4) Terrible pain in lumbar region over regions of both kidneys extending down thigh.

5) Pain in small spots, pain aggravates from motion and slightest touch.

6) Nervous aphonia alternates with heart symptoms.

7) Ailments from: thinking of complaints, coffee, wine, sour fruits, sugar etc.

Eyes- hyperesthesia of retina. Severe pain in eyes, feel expanded.

Headache- there is presenting pain in spots or sore, tender spots on the scalp. Band like sensation about head and sense of heat. Headache before and during stool and better after stool. Worse left side, from wine, lying after sleep, slightest touch and light while thinking about it.

G.I. Tract disorder-

Causation: eating sour fruits, apples, tomatoes, grapes, sugar and starchy food. Sensation of heat in mouth, throat and stomach ultimately turning into intense burning pain. Great pain in umbilical region aggravates in evening and night. There is stitching pains in liver relieved by deep breathing.  Very helpful in Bitter and sour eructation, worse at night. Epigastric pain relieved by passing flatus. Burning in small spots in abdomen.

Stool- diarrhea from coffee with watery, bloody, mucous stool.

Urinary symptoms- the renal region is painful and tender with soreness of whole urinary tract. When urinating there is severe pain in glans penis and burning in urethra. Frequent urination with copious urine, containing oxalate of lime. All the urinary symptoms are worse when thinking about them; even he must urinate when thinking about it.

Male – terrible neuralgic pains in spermatic cord. Testicles feel contused and heavy. Seminal vasculitis.

Heart – one of the greatly neglected remedies for heart complaints.

“Sharp lancinating pains through the lower lobe of the left lungs” is very characteristic symptom in case of angina pectoris, also in pneumonia, pleurisy etc. there is most difficult breathing with chocking feeling in larynx. Loss of voice alternates with palpitation.  There is Stitching pain behind the sternum going to shoulders and arms, worse on left side.

Pulse irregular, intermittent, and fast.

Concomitants- blue nails and lips, cold sweat, paralysis of lower limbs, spasmodic respiration and great weakness.

Modality: worse on slight exertion and motion and while thinking of ailments.

Extremities- there is numbness, weakness and tingling in extremities. Lower extremities blue, cold and insensible. Drawing and lancinating pains shooting down extremities. Pain start from spine extend through extremities. Muscular prostration, myelitis, multiple cerebral and posterior spinal sclerosis.

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