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SBL Alfalfa Tonic Sugar Free 180ml

SBL Alfalfa Tonic Sugar Free 180ml
Item FormLiquid
Quantity180 ml
BenifitsHelps in reducing the sensation of nervousness, anxiety and stress things
key ingridient
Key ingridentAlfalfa,Avena Sativa,Ginseng,Cinchona Officinalis,Hydrastis Canadensis,Kalium Phosphoricum,Kalium,Arsenicosum,Ferrum Aceticum,Calcarea Phosphorica
Side effect
side effectGenerally No Side Effects is Seen ,Use under guidance by the doctor or physician.
DosageAdult : 10 ml Three times a day or as prescribed by the physician
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  • Quantity: Sugar Free 180ml

SBL Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng Sugar-Free contains mother tinctures of alfalfa, avena sativa and ginseng. Alfalfa and cereal oats provide essential minerals and vitamins whereas ginseng builds resistance to fight against infections and works as a reviving agent. It removes mental and physical frailness and helps in quicker recovery. SBLs Alfalfa tonic has a saccharide base and might incline to diabetic folks.

Key Benefits:

Helps in reducing the sensation of nervousness, anxiety and stress things

For folks with general frailness, weakness, emaciation, loss of appetence and cretinous growth

May facilitate folks with sexual frailness and ejaculation

Stimulates the appetence and improves digestion

Facilitates healing following debilitative diseases

Helps to stimulate and tone the system because of disturbed sleep or nervous breakdown

Key Ingredients:

Alfalfa: It improves craving, process efficiency, mental sharpness and improves the functioning of a body.

Avena sativa: it's significantly acknowledged to provide strength and vigour once exhausting diseases. It fights fatigue and is even acknowledged to be facilitating drug dependence.

Kali phos:  condition arising from want of nerve power, crack-up, mental and physical depression area unit splendidly improved by this remedy. Nice prostration runs through the remedy. Headache of students and folks exhausted by fatigue.

Calcarea phosphorica: it's smart action in Associate in nursing passing state of disease as a result of defective assimilation in relevance Ca and phosphorus contents, leading to improper bone formation, ossification and bending of long bones, condition, delayed dentition, resulting in malnutrition.

Ginseng: it is a useful remedy for variety of issues like weak memory, debility, severe ache, sciatica, pain among the joints and sexual dysfunction in men. It uses Ginseng as its active ingredient and it is a motivating result on the humour glands.

Ferrum aceticum:  It Relieves dizziness, headache, dullness and lightheadedness of the top.

Cinchona officinalis: it's well-known to fight unfitness, weakness and loss of craving, significantly once violent diseases.

Hydrastis: it's well-known for countering unfitness and wasting, significantly among the previous.

Kali ars: It helps fight long-standing anaemia, nervousness and restlessness

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