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B Jain Acidum Phosphoricum 1X Q 30ml

B Jain Acidum Phosphoricum 1X Q 30ml
Item FormLiquid
Quantity30 ml
Benifits Clinical- asthma, brain- fag, cough, debility , diabetes, diarrhea, enteric fever, flatulence, gout, headache, locomotor ataxia, mental weakness, perspiration
Side effect
side effectNo Side Effects use under guidance by the doctor.
DosageTake 10-15 drops of tincture in a half cup of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.
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COMMON NAME- Glacial phosphoric acid, H3PO4

INTRODUCTION- it is an invaluable remedy well deserving the name NERVE TONIC says Dr. Hughes in his pharmacodynamics.

Clinical- asthma, brain- fag, cough, debility , diabetes, diarrhea, enteric fever, flatulence, gout, headache, locomotor ataxia, mental weakness, perspiration, disorders of pregnancy , rheumatism , sexual organs, spermatorrhoea, urinary disorders, vertigo, etc.

Sphere of action- it acts on brain, nerves, blood, kidneys, mucous membrane, sex organs and bones.

Pathogenesis- it produces both mental and physical debility but the mental symptoms are first to develop.  It also produces haemorrhage, digestive disorders and inflammation of bones.

Guiding symptoms-

1) Care and disappointed love.

2) Patients with a mild and yielding disposition.

3) Patients tremble, legs are weak; so they stumble easily or make missed steps.

4) Due to the bad effects of onanism, the patient is greatly distressed by the culpability of the act.

5) Frequent, profuse and debilitating emissions.

6) Chest feels weak from talking or coughing in phthisis or from loss of vital fluids.

7) Pains in the back and limbs as if beaten. In the children and young people who grow too rapidly, this remedy is well indicated.

8) Boring, drawing, digging, pains in nerves of extremities, necrosis, in stumps after amputations.

9) Painless and non – debilitating diarrhoea is a striking feature of this remedy.

10) Urine contains excessive phosphate. Profuse urination at night, of clear, watery urine.

11) Desire for warm food, something refreshing, juicy things, milk and water. Aversion to coition, wine, beer and alcohol.

Mind- listless apathetic:  indifferent to the affairs of life,  prostrated and stupefied with grief, indifferent to  those things that used to be of most interest, especially if there be debility and emaciation.

Debility first affects the mind then the body's weak memory, difficult comprehension, incapacity to think and disinclination to talk. Weeping disposition. Abashed, sad, despair of cure with the history of loss of vital fluids.  Answers slowly but correctly.

Ailments from- bad news, grief, chagrin, sorrow, home sickness, disappointed love, loss of vital fluids, sexual excess, injury, shocks, operation, over study, onanism, debility, acid drinks, rich food and fruits.

Headache- causation: headache is caused by grief, sorrow, loss of vital fluids, sexual excess, shock, bad news or exhausted nerve, eye strain, overuse of eyes.

Location: headache in occiput and vertex.

Sensation: sensation of a crushing weight on vertex.

Character of headache- headache usually spreads forward from the back side. There is crushing weight on the vertex. Headache of school girls from eye-strain, overuse of eyes; of students who grow fast.

Modalities: aggravation by least motion, noise especially music and relief from lying down.

Diarrhoea- diarrhoea may arise as a result of fear or during cholera time or from acids.

Character- it is painless and non- debilitating; white or yellow, watery, passes involuntarily with flatus.


Uro- genital system-

Causation: diabetes mellitus or insipidus, sexual excess, onanism, shock, operation etc.

Character of urine- urine looks like milk, mixed with jelly- like bloody pieces, decomposes readily.

There is profuse urination at night. The urine is clear, watery, but it forms a white cloud at once due to the presence of excessive phosphate caused by nerve waste. There is constant urging to urinate or involuntary urination. For diabetes mellitus of nervous origin, phosphoric acid can be employed as a successful remedy.

Onanism- the patient is greatly depressed by the culpability of the act. There are frequent and profuse emissions, several times in one night even after coitus. It is very debilitating. The patient is sad, abashed and in despair of cure. This remedy may bring hope back to him.

Typhoid- phosphoric acid is an excellent remedy for typhus or typhoid, showing peculiar characteristic symptoms.

Character of typhoid: phosphoric acid usually indicated in the second and third week of typhoid.

There is complete apathy and indifference. The patient is listless.

The patient lies like a log; is insensible to happenings around him. He has stupid sleep from which he may be aroused in full conscious state. If questioned, he answers slowly and correctly and again falls asleep.

The patient has muttering delirium; he is unintelligible; lies in a stuprous state or stupid sleep, utterly regardless of surroundings. The patient trembles.

There may be intestinal haemorrhage as well as bleeding from the nose. The blood is dark, offensive and non- coagulable.

Meteoric distension of abdomen with a great deal of rumbling and gurgling.

Along with typhoid, there may be diarrhoea too. Stool is watery, white, greyish and painless. Involuntary stool with great debility.

Temperature of the body is not high but has constant sticky profuse sweat.

Weak and small pulse, frequent and intermitting. There is dryness of mouth, throat, grey white coating on the tongue with a red streak in the middle.

Concomitant: ecchymosis, bluish red spots on the parts on which the patient lies. Muttering delirium with dim sleepy eyes. Military rashes appear first on neck and then on the back, chest and at last upon the feet.

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